Manuel Still

Physical therapist Manuel Still

Manuel Still

When I was 15 years old, I experienced severe back pain for the first time. I started leading a more active lifestyle and working out on a regular basis, eventually becoming pain free. Through this personal experience, I learned the impact that pain can have on someone´s quality of life. I wanted to learn more about this field, share my experience and motivate others to change their lives and learn how to live pain free as well.

This experience led me to become a Certified Academic Sports and Fitness Instructor, and as I studied, my curiousity grew.

But when I would ask my professor a question, wanting to know more, they would reply, "Don´t worry about that. You don´t need to know about that because you aren`t going to be a physical therapist."

Continuing Education


Education for Physical Therapy at IMC Krems University of Applied Sciences. Graduation as Bachelor of Science in Health Studies


Self-employed as Physical Therapist specialising in orthopedics, traumatology and trauma surgery.
Worked in a private practice for physical therapy and osteopathy ( as member of a great team of 9 therapists

FDM (Fascial Distortion Model) education in theory and manual techniques


IAOM (International Academy of orthopaedic medicine)


Education for manual therapy by Maitland (3 years total)

Self-employed in individual practice

since 2020

Continuing education in visceral therapy at the School of Visceral Theapy in Mattsee, Austria

For more information about Visceral Therapy

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Work Experience

I have been learning about sustainable motion since I was 15 years old.
Becoming an Academic Sports and Fitness Instructor was the first step in the right direction after doing community service with the Red Cross for 9 months. These foundational experiences turned out to be the perfect addition to my Physical Therapy studies. Practice is an important part of education. I had the chance to work over 1200 hours in different areas of physical therapy, getting a strong first impression of every day processes in the health field. Through my experience as a self-employed Physical Therapist, I have been able to gain a lot of valuable therapy experience as well. In addition to ongoing training and education, the active work with my patients helps me to constantly develop, which is very important to me, because in physical therapy you never stop learning.