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Patient consultation
Neck and spine adjustments

What to expect in the first session

The first session starts with a consultation.
During this session, I get a good understanding of the problem and can exclude any possible contra indicators for therapy.
It is especially important to discuss the first time symptoms occurred and their development. Results of other diagnostic documents such as X-ray and MRI are included in the assessment.
This is followed by a physical examination to discover any postural weaknesses, imbalances, as well as joint positioning.
The goal is to get a complete understanding of the root cause of the complaint, so in some cases additional tests might be performed. This is followed by the treatment session, which includes various manual techniques, as well as instruction for home exercises and self-treatment measures.

Therapy process

To achieve the best results, therapeutic treatments
should be performed regularly without major gaps between sessions.

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First session Including consultation and treatment

Book appointments for further treatments. One session per week has proven to be the ideal interval between treatments for achieving maximum results

Implementation of home exercises and self-treatment

Physical therapist helping patient


In most cases, the treatment sessions are usually only one part of the puzzle.
Without active cooperation and involvement from the patient outside of the therapy sessions, it is often difficult to achieve long-term therapeutic success. Therefore, regular implementation of the program and exercises at home are vital tools which contribute to the overall therapeutic success. Since every patient has varying amounts of time at home and level of motivation, I also address the needs of my patients when it comes to compliance, tailoring the therapy program to fit their needs. My goal is to create a program together with you, that can be realistically integrated into your daily life and schedule.

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